You've Got To Laugh (2006) CD


  1. Can’t Get Arrested
  2. Oh You Beautiful Thing
  3. Lost
  4. All About You
  5. Promises, Promises
  6. I Hope You’re Happy Now
  7. Old House
  8. Yeah, Yeah
  9. Born Yesterday
  10. Loud, Confident & Wrong
  11. She Could Be The One
  12. You Don’t Have To Be The Sun
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2 reviews for You’ve Got To Laugh (2006) CD

  1. Régis

    You’ve Got To Laugh, an album that took time to be born but as is often said “all come to he who waits” And actually this album is like all Albums Nik a small musical with 12 beautiful jewelry songs like do know our Genius. And even if “Oh you Beautiful thing” is the best known. “She Could Be the One”, “Promises, Promises,” and also “You don’t have to be the sun” could just as it deserves to be better known because they are really beautiful.

  2. MoppHolo2603

    Love this album! Some songs stay in mind, my favourite is „Promises, Promises“. It‘s a song with a gracious melody. Did you ever see a face like that, a picture of piece, a vision of honesty, did you ever see anything, so beautiful, so alive with promises, promises…

    More albums like this please!

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