Oxymoron (2020)


On writing Oxymoron, Nik commented:

“I’ve been writing songs for the best part of fifty years. It doesn’t get any easier. The creative energy gets lower as the quality control bar gets higher.

There is no blind confidence of youth, just the knowing self-doubt of age. Most songs fell by the wayside. 16 made it through. I’m proud of each and every one of them.”

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  1. The Chosen Ones
  2. From Cloudy Bay to Malibu
  3. Can’t Go On
  4. The Wind Will Blow
  5. I Do Believe
  6. The Best I Can
  7. Roundabouts And Swings
  8. She Gets Me
  9. Babylon Brothers
  10. Little Star
  11. Let’s Get Lost
  12. Come Back Tomorrow
  13. These Little Things
  14. Long Live The King
  15. The Smallest Soul
  16. They Were There