Songs From The Shelf

Nik Kershaw - Songs from the shelf

Songs From the Shelf

Released: Ongoing
Between 1989 and 1998, Nik took a step back from being a ‘popstar’ to focus on writing and production for other artists; the result was a shelf full of songs.

Some written on his own, some with others; some for established artists, some for hopeful idiots; some for major label projects, some just for the Hell of it. 

A few made it out into the World. Most didn’t. Those that didn’t have become part of ‘Songs From The Shelf’, a digital release only project that saw ‘Part 1’ released in May 2022 to critical acclaim from fans and peers alike.

Part 2 is due for release in April 2023.

“Strangely, this (Hope & Glory) never registered at the time but, judging from its placement amongst my other demos, this would have been from around 1996.

I seem to remember an original working title of “All This Useless Beauty”. On discovering someone had been there before me (the splendid Elvis Costello), I came up with “Hope & Glory”.

It was considered for the “15 Minutes” album but didn’t make it, was rudely ignored when I put “To be Frank” together and was then forgotten about completely.”