Human Racing

human racing

Human Racing

Released: 24th February 1984
Human Racing was Nik’s debut album. The album was released in February 1984 on MCA Records, peaking at #5 on the UK Album Chart and was certified Platinum by the BPI.

It was the 22nd biggest selling album of 1984 in the UK and received a nomination for Best British Album at the 1985 Brit Awards.

The album also reached the top ten in several other countries including Germany, Finland, and Norway.

“Happy memories locked in a basement in the east end of London (Sarm East Studios) with Peter Collins (producer) and Julian Mendelsohn (engineer) rerecording the demos that secured me my deal with MCA Records.

Salt beef sandwiches and latkes from Blooms in Aldgate. Carol on reception. Bashing assorted kitchenware (Drum Talk) and fire extinguishers (Bogart). Hours of guitar overdubs in the tiny control room (Wouldn’t it be Good). Great expectations.”