15 Minutes (1999) CD


  1. Somebody Loves You
  2. Have A Nice Life
  3. Billy
  4. Find Me An Angel
  5. Your Brave Face
  6. What Do You Think Of It So Far?
  7. God Bless
  8. Stick Around
  9. Fiction
  10. Made In Heaven
  11. Shine On
  12. 15 Minutes
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5 reviews for 15 Minutes (1999) CD

  1. Régis

    15 Minutes is the album of rebirth after years of silence. And we will reveal Nik talent through 12 beautiful songs including the inevitable “Somebody Loves You” and “Have A Nice Life”.

  2. Chris

    One of Kershaws best ever albums. Superb.

  3. David

    this is the best album ever of nik kershaw even 17 years after.a powerful and melodic album.

  4. David


  5. didi

    the best album from nik. for me even the best pop album ever. melodies that come from heaven. my album for the lonely island. and then i was allowed to experience it live in basel, atlantis club. thank you nik

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