To Be Frank (2001) CD


  1. Wounded
  2. Get Up
  3. Die Laughing
  4. Jane Doe
  5. How Sad
  6. Take Me To The Church
  7. Hello World
  8. Already
  9. One Day
  10. All Is Fair
  11. Show Them What You’re Made Of
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1 review for To Be Frank (2001) CD

  1. Régis

    To be Frank, winking at Frank Sinatra I guess. In any case it is a very beautiful wink damage 11 exceptional titles. Too bad Wounded was the only single from this album, as other songs like “Die Laughng” or even “All is fair” could be subject to other singles to promote the album especially as they are beautiful songs worthy of a talented singer songwriter…Our hero : Nik.

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