Released: 6th August 2012

Ei8ht is the eighth studio album from Nik and comes some six years after 2006’s self-released You’ve Got to Laugh.

Not one to try and re-kindle his 80’s heyday fame, Nik opts for a more mature sound, one that is inspired by his work with various pop artists over the 20 years since he left the spotlight, to concentrate on working as a songwriter.

“Happy, settled and content. What the fuck am I going to write about? Slowly it comes. Loved ones, friends, family, growing old, childhood memories, stuff. 

Norwegian connection.The brothers Rydningen. Easyjet to Oslo to record drums with Eirik. Family Hawkes (Ches and Keely) on BVs. Blow £££££££££s on promo and a short tour. Won’t be doing that again.”

  • These Tears 00:00
  • The Sky's The Limit 00:00
  • Runaway 00:00
  • Shoot Me 00:00
  • Bad Day You're Having 00:00
  • Red Strand 00:00
  • Enjoy The Ride 00:00
  • You're The Best 00:00
  • Stuff 00:00
  • Rock of Ages 00:00
  • The Bell 00:00
  • The Sky's The Limit (Radio Version - Robbie Bronnimann Mix) 00:00