Radio Musicola

Released: 24th October 1986
Radio Musicola is Nik’s third solo studio album. The album was released in late 1986, on the label MCA Records, two and a half years after his successful album, The Riddle.

It was Nik’s first studio album to feature him as producer. It also features guest backing vocalists, including Icehouse’s lead vocalist Iva Davies, and Night’s lead vocalist Stevie Lange.

“Nine months in Swanyard Studios, Islington. First self-produced album. Kid in a candy store. Stuart Bruce my partner in crime. Mitsubishi 32 track digital. Too many toys. Kick horns, London community choir, Mark Brzezicki and my mate Simon Phillips. Upheaval at MCA records. New Managing Director gets lost on the way to the studio. Should’ve taken that as a sign. Taking too long, spending too much. Release “When A Heart Beats” to keep everyone happy. Only gets to number 27. Oops!”

  • Radio Musicola 00:00
  • Nobody Knows 00:00
  • L.A.B.A.T.Y.D 00:00
  • What The Papers Say 00:00
  • Life Goes On 00:00
  • Running Scared 00:00
  • James Cagney 00:00
  • Don't Let Me Out Of My Cage 00:00
  • When A Heart Beats 00:00
  • Violet To Blue 00:00