It’s ‘Festival’ season for Seb Wesson

As Nik and the band take to the road for their highly anticipated tour of Germany, Team Kershaw are delighted to add the uber-talented Seb Wesson to the roster as support act for our German and UK dates. Singer-songwriter, session guitarist and all round music whizz, Seb’s music is a hit with fans and peers […]

Songs From The Shelf, Pt 2…OUT NOW!

Back in 2022, Nik delighted fans everywhere by announcing that the songs that had been gathering dust on his old DAT shelf were worth a revisit. ”Between 1989 and 1998, I took a step back to focus on writing and production for other artists. The result was a shelf full of songs.  A few made it […]

No Glitz, Just Hitz…& Other Bitz!

Following the incredible response to Nik’s spring shows with his band, we’re delighted to announce a highly anticipated UK tour, that will see the guys take to the road and, as the title suggests, with no glitz, just hitz and other bitz too. Tickets are on general sale THIS Friday, so set the alarms and […]

Wir hoffen, Sie alle dort zu sehen!

Nik Kershaw and his band are taking to the road in Spring 2023 for a long overdue tour of Germany. “In the Spring of 2023, we will be jumping on a sleeper bus and embarking on one of our regular German club tours. We’ll be performing at many of our favourite venues. The shows are […]

The One And Only | Black Friday RSD

Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 260 independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. Thousands more shops celebrate the […]

Night Of The Proms

Since 1994, Night Of The Proms has thrilled a steadily growing fan base in Germany; where classical meets pop, aria meets chart hit, suit on leather jacket, stilettos on Chucks and Tchaikovsky on Boy George, merging two styles of music that may once have been considered unthinkable. After the tour had to be postponed twice […]

The Greatest Put Down

“In the late summer of 1997, I was invited by Chris Difford to attend one of his legendary song writing retreats in a big old house in Huntsham, Devon. I’d finished recording “15 minutes” but was yet to unleash it (or even tell anyone it existed) and was pretty nervous about writing songs with random […]

I Can’t Wait / To Hurt The One You Love

“Around 98/99, armed with renewed confidence from touring “15 minutes”, I frequented the Kashmir Klub which was an acoustic get together for all manner of songwriters in the basement of a wine bar just off the Marylebone. It was run by keyboard player/songwriter and radio presenter Tony Moore, who now does a similar thing from […]

The Devil And The Deep

“This was written in the very late 90s. So late, in fact it was March 2001 and technically doesn’t satisfy the criteria for “songs from the shelf” (It’s my game and I’ll cheat if I want to). “To Be Frank” was already in the can by this point and no other bugger was likely to […]

Hope and Glory

“Strangely, this was never registered at the time but, judging from its placement amongst my other demos, this would have been from around 1996. I seem to remember an original working title of “All This Useless Beauty”. On discovering someone had been there before me (the splendid Elvis Costello), I came up with “Hope & […]