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You’ve reached the official website of the small but perfectly formed singer/songwriter and producer Nik Kershaw. On the assumption that you reached it on purpose and of your own free will, welcome. Come in and browse your socks off.

If it was some other Nik Kershaw you were after, we really can’t help you. If it was that bloke from Haircut 100 or the fella in the boxer shorts in the Levis commercial you were looking for, we probably could help but we’re not going to.

If you’ve got trouble with your roof or want to buy a shed, here are a couple of useful links;

 Inspirational Musical Quotations

“…and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

“Music can name the un-nameable and communicate the unknowable”
Leonard Bernstein

“Near a tree by a river, there’s a hole in the ground”
Nik Kershaw

Nik on the Road...

Friday 16 Aug/2019


The Belgian new wave and synth pop summer festival with national and international toppers! Featuring Nik Kershaw, Johnny Hates Jazz, Tony Hadley and many more!
Rue Couture d'Orroir, 7750 Amougies, Mont-de-l'Enclus, Kluisbergen
Dancing Girls
Album -
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