Ei8ht (2012) CD


  1. These Tears
  2. The Sky’s The Limit
  3. Runaway
  4. Shoot Me
  5. Bad Day You’re Having
  6. Red Strand
  7. Enjoy The Ride
  8. You’re The Best
  9. Stuff
  10. Rock of Ages
  11. The Bell
  12. The Sky’s the Limit (Radio Version – Robbie Bronnimann Mix)
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2 reviews for Ei8ht (2012) CD

  1. Régis

    Albums after albums, Nik reveals us his genius talent at every songs and this ei8ghties album is really an exceptional album with songs written perfectly both in the words of the music. And as evidence the single “The sky’s the limit” is really an emotion jewelry.

  2. MoppHolo2603

    This is another top album by Nik Kershaw, one of my favourite singers. Wonderful melodies which stay in mind. Best song is „You‘re The Best“, but I like also „These Tears“, „Stuff“ and „The Sky‘s the Limit“. More good albums like this please!

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