Come On Down

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‘Songs From The Shelf, Pt. 1’ is literally flying off the shelf following its release last Friday and we’re kicking off a history lesson along the shelf as Nik tells us the stories behind the tracks. First up, “Come On Down”.

“I see on the PRS database that this song was registered on the 5th of November 1992.

I would have still been basking in the reflected glory of “The One and Only” at this point, but have no idea why I wrote it or who I wrote it for. 

Nik ‘Big Hair’ Kershaw

There was a song I wrote in February 1991 called “Life Is A Gameshow” and “Come On Down” clearly explores the same theme. I’m guessing it was consigned to the shelf due to it sounding a bit ‘big hair 80s rock’ which was most unacceptable at the beginning of the 90s (so last decade!).”

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