The Devil And The Deep

“This was written in the very late 90s. So late, in fact it was March 2001 and technically doesn’t satisfy the criteria for “songs from the shelf” (It’s my game and I’ll cheat if I want to). “To Be Frank” was already in the can by this point and no other bugger was likely to […]

Hope and Glory

“Strangely, this was never registered at the time but, judging from its placement amongst my other demos, this would have been from around 1996. I seem to remember an original working title of “All This Useless Beauty”. On discovering someone had been there before me (the splendid Elvis Costello), I came up with “Hope & […]

Come On Down

‘Songs From The Shelf, Pt. 1’ is literally flying off the shelf following its release last Friday and we’re kicking off a history lesson along the shelf as Nik tells us the stories behind the tracks. First up, “Come On Down”. “I see on the PRS database that this song was registered on the 5th […]

Nik Kershaw 2020

Dusting Off The Shelf

“In 1989, I took a step back to focus on writing and production for other artists. After all, I’d done it quite successfully for myself for the previous few years, how difficult could it be? Spectacularly difficult, as it turned out. I equipped my home studio with highest tech known to mankind (later to be […]

Songs From The Shelf

**COMING SOON** “Between 1989 and 1998, I took a step back to focus on writing and production for other artists. The result was a shelf full of songs. Some written on my own, some with others; some for established artists, some for hopeful idiots; some for major label projects, some just for the Hell of […]

My Favourite Potty Mouth

Most Nik Kershaw fans will know who the inimitable Lily Gonzalez is – the sensational singer-percussionist renowned for playing for Faithless, Tony Hadley, The Brand New Heavies, Jimmy Somerville and of course, Nik Kershaw. 2021 saw the release of Lily’s highly acclaimed solo album Sink or Swim and featured a number of tracks co-written with […]

Mates don’t come any better

Way back in 1991, a young chap called Chesney Hawkes burst onto the pop scene with the iconic ‘The One And Only‘ and dominated the UK Top 40 forever and the Number 1 position for five weeks; putting Chesney on the pop music map. And for Nik Kershaw fans, it saw a welcome return to […]

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At an old-school sixteen tracks, ‘Oxymoron’ sees Nik back to his lyrical best following a step away from the limelight to concentrate on home life and writing/demoing what would eventually become this latest album release. The first single to be taken from the new album is ‘From Cloudy Bay To Malibu’ – getting its exclusive […]

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Oxymoron – Why Not?

Nik has just announced his first new music in 8 years, with the 6-track taster EP called ‘These Little Things’ being a precursor to a full studio album, ‘Oxymoron’. The full album will be released digitally, on CD and vinyl LP this coming Autumn. Having avoided writing about himself in his 80s heyday ‘because I […]

Rewind Festivals 2020 **Postponed**

**From the Rewind team** We are saddened to announce that Rewind Scotland, Rewind North, and Rewind South will no longer take place this year. The health and safety of all Rewinders, the artists, staff and community will always be our top priority, and it became clear that rescheduling the festivals was unavoidable. We have spoken […]