I Can’t Wait / To Hurt The One You Love

Hurt The One

“Around 98/99, armed with renewed confidence from touring “15 minutes”, I frequented the Kashmir Klub which was an acoustic get together for all manner of songwriters in the basement of a wine bar just off the Marylebone.

It was run by keyboard player/songwriter and radio presenter Tony Moore, who now does a similar thing from The Bedford in Balham. There, I would often bump into Dan Gillespie and Richard Jones who were in a band called Horn.

They later went on to form a band called The Feeling. You may have heard of them.

Anyway, the singer in Horn was an exotic and talented young lady called Fahan Hassan, who I ended up writing a few songs with. I can’t remember if there was a record company involved at this stage but, sadly, the songs never saw the light of day (until now). I tried to contact Fahan when I recorded these but can’t seem to find any trace of her.

If anyone knows where she is, please let me know.”


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